Peer Support Is Great, But Where Is Your Stepmom Advice Coming From?

Scrolling through my social media feed one day recently, one particular post caught my eye. It wasn’t in a stepmom group, but a regular parenting forum for women trying to learn how to parent in a kinder, gentler, more enlightened way than the way they might have been raised themselves. I think it’s awesome thatContinue reading “Peer Support Is Great, But Where Is Your Stepmom Advice Coming From?”

Your Parenting Style Matters – Here’s Why.

What I keep seeing is stepmom burn-out. Literally, these wives and girlfriends are becoming so exhausted and feeling so hopeless, they don’t know how much longer they can go on. What is it about blended family life that can suck a woman dry in mere months? Tracy Poizner Remember the 3 Little Pigs? Of courseContinue reading “Your Parenting Style Matters – Here’s Why.”

What If The Bio Mama Is Gone Forever?

What if your step kids’ mother is deceased, or completely out of the picture for reasons such as mental illness, heavy drug use or prison? What do you have to do differently as a stepmom? My opinion is that it’s more important to underline what you should be doing that’s just the same as inContinue reading “What If The Bio Mama Is Gone Forever?”

Let’s Design Your Stepmom Dream Team!

Yes, you deserve a posse of girls to stand around you, just like in this image: women who have your back, who give you courage and cheer you on in your toughest times. You might think everyone has a tribe except for you, but most of us create one for ourselves. Let’s talk about howContinue reading “Let’s Design Your Stepmom Dream Team!”

I Wish Mom And Dad Were Still Together

These are words that can strike at the heart of a stepmother so it’s important to understand what kids really mean when they say this. If you have lost one of your own parents, you might sometimes feel like saying “I wish dad were still around. I really miss him”. I think you know whatContinue reading “I Wish Mom And Dad Were Still Together”

Is your partner struggling with guilty parent syndrome? Here’s help in 3 easy steps

What I want you and your spouse to know is that guilty parenting is not a crime. If you feel guilty about having caused some suffering, it’s a sign that you’re a good person, it means you have empathy! Guilt is actually a healthy emotion, it’s supposed to help you modify your behaviour. It pushesContinue reading “Is your partner struggling with guilty parent syndrome? Here’s help in 3 easy steps”

Is Meditation Too Woo-woo For You?

You can still increase your awareness and benefit your step-parenting journey without sitting cross-legged or closing your eyes. I’m a huge fan of meditation. It brought me to where I was ready to find a new partner 6 years after separating from my first husband. Strictly speaking, it allowed me to see him right inContinue reading “Is Meditation Too Woo-woo For You?”

I Hate Calling Myself A “Stepmom”!

I have been a “stepmom” for 12 years now, having already been the regular, normal, default kind of mom for some years before that wretched title was foist upon me. Don’t get me wrong, I love my life with my husband’s kids. I just hate having to call myself somebody’s “stepmom”. For the years beforeContinue reading “I Hate Calling Myself A “Stepmom”!”

If You’re A Stepmom, There’s ONE Ingredient Your Cooking Is Missing

How does it feel when your stepchild doesn’t want to eat what you make? At very least, you probably feel irritated. You spent a lot of time shopping with them in mind and cooking what you think they will like. It’s hard not to take it personally, so you might even feel rejected, insulted, disrespected. If saying noContinue reading “If You’re A Stepmom, There’s ONE Ingredient Your Cooking Is Missing”

How to Have Good Boundaries | Stepmom Wellness

As a stepmom, you probably often feel that your boundaries are being challenged, if not actually stomped on! Between the step-kids, your partner and the bio-mom, your ability to feel grounded and confident in your own home gets constantly tested. Boundaries can be personal, emotional or energetic. Here are 3 basic situations: Too much ofContinue reading “How to Have Good Boundaries | Stepmom Wellness”