Tina Turner Had It Right

What’s Love Got To Do With It? Anyone in a stepmom position with their partner’s children is not required to love those kids. You didn’t date them, and you didn’t fall in love with them. You didn’t make your life plans based on your feelings for them. It’s almost like having to pick a few…

109. The Magical Apology

An magical apology liberates a torrent of power from your unconscious shadow states and it opens a doorway to healthy bonding with a child who is being trained to pull away from you.

108. This is the end of Parental Alienation.

Summary Legacy Mastermind is exclusively for divorced dads who feel helpless against the power of ongoing high-conflict that’s drawing their children away from them. In this program they will be coded to strike the tone of fatherhood and develop the magnetic quality that will draw their kids into their orbit and keep them there forever!…

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