Cracking Open The Codes

As a stepmom, you’re probably frustrated if you can’t understand, control or bond with your partner’s kids. That’s because you’ve been spending a lot of time and energy trying to mess with things that belong to the core operating system of the human experience: Mother. Security. Family. Heredity. Father. Home. Identity. Did you really thinkContinue reading “Cracking Open The Codes”

ESP 102: Nacho Role-play with Lori Sims (Part 2)

Summary Here’s a link to the episode with Lori’s husband David: https://anchor.fm/essentialstepmom/episodes/ESP-6-3-David-Sims—Pulling-it-out-of-the-fire-elkg5g I do a livestream video every Monday in my Facebook group The Spectacular Stepmom. Tomorrow’s session  (Monday Sept 13) at 1pm EDT is called Bouncing Back From Stepmom Burnout – Before It’s Too Late. Join the group by sending a join request toContinue reading “ESP 102: Nacho Role-play with Lori Sims (Part 2)”

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