Tracy Poizner

Parenting Strategist, Life Coach, Magic Maker

I’m a mom, a divorced mom, a remarried mom, a stepmom. I’m a wife, a daughter, a sister. I’ve been there, done that, got all the T-shirts – and more.

I’m also a holistic health care professional with 25 years experience consulting with clients 1:1. I’m a great listener and communicator.

I’m committed to helping divorced dads, and their new partners successfully step over conflict, disempowerment and alienation.

I help them raise well-adjusted, fully-parented human beings in the easiest, most natural way possible – and here’s the magic part – regardless of custody or living circumstances.

Caution: One noticeable side-effect of this work is massive personal growth. Others include deep fulfillment, inner peace, saving your marriage and reconnecting with your sense of humor.

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