108. This is the end of Parental Alienation.

Summary Legacy Mastermind is exclusively for divorced dads who feel helpless against the power of ongoing high-conflict that’s drawing their children away from them. In this program they will be coded to strike the tone of fatherhood and develop the magnetic quality that will draw their kids into their orbit and keep them there forever!Continue reading “108. This is the end of Parental Alienation.”

105 The Alienated Stepmom

Summary Want to learn how to get through to kids who are being brainwashed about you? Sign up for my FREE 3-part workshop October 27-29, 2021 called Reversing Parental Alienation. Go to bit.ly/alienationstrategy to register and don’t forget to join the private Facebook group just for this event! You can always reach me at info@essentialstepmom.com.Continue reading “105 The Alienated Stepmom”

ESP 103 Nacho Role-play with Lori Sims (part 3)

Summary Lori Sims runs the Nacho Kids Academy – sign up with this link and she’ll send a portion of your fee right back here to support this podcast!Click here: https://nachokidsacademy.com/theessentialstepmom Sign up at bit.ly/tracysummit for the Ultimate Stepfamily Summit! — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/essentialstepmom/message Transcription

ESP 102: Nacho Role-play with Lori Sims (Part 2)

Summary Here’s a link to the episode with Lori’s husband David: https://anchor.fm/essentialstepmom/episodes/ESP-6-3-David-Sims—Pulling-it-out-of-the-fire-elkg5g I do a livestream video every Monday in my Facebook group The Spectacular Stepmom. Tomorrow’s session  (Monday Sept 13) at 1pm EDT is called Bouncing Back From Stepmom Burnout – Before It’s Too Late. Join the group by sending a join request toContinue reading “ESP 102: Nacho Role-play with Lori Sims (Part 2)”

ESP 101: “Nacho” role-play with Lori Sims (part one)

Summary It’s a Nacho Role-play with Lori Sims, the original Nacho Mama! You can learn more at nachokids.com. Sign up for the Ultimate Stepfamily Summit (Sept 15-17) at bit.ly/tracysummit Would you be so kind as to pop over to Apple podcasts and leave a quick review? If you screenshot it and send it to meContinue reading “ESP 101: “Nacho” role-play with Lori Sims (part one)”

ESP 11.3 EPISODE 100! Part 3 of my chat with Seth Nelson about what really matters.

Summary Here are some highlights of today’s conversation with Seth Nelson: 1:10 – when Seth got divorced, the law required one parent was named the primary residential, the other was secondary. In the end, it’s all about your ego, it’s just a label. 5:25 – On frequency of visits, it’s often better to have moreContinue reading “ESP 11.3 EPISODE 100! Part 3 of my chat with Seth Nelson about what really matters.”

ESP 11.2 Attorney Seth Nelson: Should you settle for 60/40?

Summary This is part 2 of my 3-part conversation with Florida-based family law attorney Seth Nelson. Listen at 2:20 to hear Seth describe the  the 3 worlds in which he lives as a divorce attorney, at 5:25 to learn about the many categories that courts consider (Factors A, B, C….all the way to Factor T!)Continue reading “ESP 11.2 Attorney Seth Nelson: Should you settle for 60/40?”

ESP 11.1 Divorce Attorney Seth Nelson

Summary “Live your life, not your divorce!” Seth’s podcast is called “How To Split A Toaster: A divorce podcast about saving your relationships”. Here’s a link to the show on Apple podcasts:https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/how-to-split-a-toaster-a-divorce-podcast-about/id1527497405 You can contact Seth’s office in Tampa, Florida via his website, https://nelsonkoster.com Sign up for The Ultimate Stepmfamily Summit with my link toContinue reading “ESP 11.1 Divorce Attorney Seth Nelson”