ESP 7.5 The Dad Mindset with Rich Bolus (part 1)


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ESP 7.4 Best-of-Essential-Stepmom, Red Flags with Lori Sims


Lori Sims is the creator of the ingenious Nacho Kids method and the Nacho Kids Academy which is saving blended families and second marriages every single day.

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ESP 7.3 When can a weary dad just give up?


Alienated kids can be awful to their divorced parent. Does your partner ever just feeling like giving up? It’s pretty normal to run out of steam and it’s OK to take a break but don’t give in to despair. Miracles happen all the time – you can even make them happen yourself! Grab my free “Restorative Parenting Quick start Guide” by going to .

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ESP 7.2 A bit of “woo” – from me to you.


Here’s a little spirituality for the season – non denominational of course. I hope you enjoy the ESR Technique to help you chill out and turn down the volume on your Yuletide stress. You can reach me at

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ESP 7.1 Not Just A Stepmom with Heidi Farrell


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ESP 6.8 F_Divorce: Jack Rollins


Jack is not a dad but he’s divorced and he has some valuable insights into one husband’s emotional experience after a failed marriage. You can find him on instagram at @f_divorce, on Facebook at and on the F_Divorce Podcast

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ESP 6.7 The completely amazing, totally absent bio mom.


Are you sick and tired of hearing about your stepchild’s fantastic mom, when you’re the one showing up for the child in all the way’s she’s not?

Let’s talk this through, and we’ll talk about life coaching too – maybe you’re finally ready to make a step towards letting go of the filters that are keeping you from having a better experience of stepmom life.

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ESP 6.6 Trystan Reese Part 2


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ESP 6.5 Trystan Reese shines a bright light on your secret fears (part 1 of 2)


“If I can’t be like those perfect multi-household-happy-families who all get along and do Thanksgiving together, am I broken?” 

I don’t know about you, but I can totally relate to thinking my family should look – at least a little – like the ones on Instagram, but this guy says things out loud that I only whisper inside my own head! In part one of this 2-part interview, Trystan shares some personal truths (and profound wisdom) from his personal journey as “sudden-full-time-parent”, adoptive parent and bio parent.

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ESP 6.4 Man the F_%@ Up! with Deuce Almightee


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