ESP. 2.14 Dads, Kids and Consequences (and the 4-minute mile)


There’s a lesson we can all learn from the story of how Roger Bannister became the first human to run a mile in under 4 minutes, and especially from what happened next!

The world is changing, family structures are changing and we need to change in order to keep to keep the orders of relationship inside our families intact. Here’s a little piece of unconventional advice on that topic.

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ESP 2.13 Dealing with Alienated Teens


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ESP 2.12 Riffing on Brene Brown’s “Dare To Lead”


If you don’t know Brene Brown, just google her TED talk on vulnerability – it’s had over 30 million views. She’s the author of a number of fabulous books, but the one I’m working on right now is called Dare to Lead. I dare you to read it and not see every word of it as advice for you as the leader of your family project!

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ESP. 2.11 My Christmas Miracle + REPLAY: OVERSTEPPING


Happy New Year to you, wherever in the world you’re listening from. I am partway through a holiday experience unlike anything I’ve had in 13 years of blended family life. It took us a long time to get here, but that only makes me appreciate it more! If I can give you one single piece of advice, it would be about overstepping.

In my opinion, that’s ┬áthe number one challenge in stepmom world, so I’m replaying the very first episode of this podcast for those of you who never heard it, and as a reminder for those of you who listened way back in June when it first came out.

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