ESP 6.7 The completely amazing, totally absent bio mom.


Are you sick and tired of hearing about your stepchild’s fantastic mom, when you’re the one showing up for the child in all the way’s she’s not?

Let’s talk this through, and we’ll talk about life coaching too – maybe you’re finally ready to make a step towards letting go of the filters that are keeping you from having a better experience of stepmom life.

Send me an email at and say “I’m not sure yet, but talk to me about what coaching involves”.  We have to BOTH believe that I’m the right coach for you, so you won’t ever be pressured. Anyway I hope you know that pressure isn’t my style!

My blog is at, my Facebook group is The Spectacular Stepmom and there’s even one for the dads called One For The Dads!

Send in a voice message:

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