ESP 9.3 The Archives of Essential Stepmom Podcast

Summary Sorry for my podcast fail this week, but join me reading Amanda Ripley’s High Conflict: Why We Get Trapped and How We Get Out. Here’s a link to order from Barnes and Noble: If you’re ready to address your deepest stepmom anxieties, or get to work on overcoming that post-divorce “parenting paralysis” thatContinue reading “ESP 9.3 The Archives of Essential Stepmom Podcast”

ESP 9.2 Q: “How do I merge the best parts of myself with my stepmom role?”

Summary This is an audio recording of a livestream on this topic from my Spectacular Stepmom facebook group. Not a member? Send a join request to THE SPECTACULAR STEPMOM Interested in booking a free coaching call with me? Go to — Send in a voice message: Transcription

ESP 8.5 Jonnie Jensen: dad, stepdad, superdad

Summary Please go check out Team Super Dad and get more Jonnie Jensen. I feel very much aligned with his mission and how he goes about empowering dads to make all the impact they want to have on their kids while having a great work-life balance and even a great bank balance! Want to tryContinue reading “ESP 8.5 Jonnie Jensen: dad, stepdad, superdad”

ESP 8.4 How to find the sweet spot of stepparenting!

The show I watched and adored is called Undone. You can find it on Amazon Prime. I’d love to hear from you! Email me at I’ll be live on my public Facebook page, @essentialstepmom from March 22-26 with 5 days of tips for staying in contact with kids who you can’t access. I’d loveContinue reading “ESP 8.4 How to find the sweet spot of stepparenting!”

ESP 8.3 Carly Israel says “Thanks, but no thanks!”

Summary You can find Carly at and her podcast is called In Your Corner Divorce. Her book, Seconds and Inches is available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Find more information about the Nacho Kids Academy at That’s the link that will let them know I sent you, so they can sponsorContinue reading “ESP 8.3 Carly Israel says “Thanks, but no thanks!””

ESP 8.2 Nurture Burnout with Anne Cullen

Nurture burnout can happen to anyone who cares a lot about the people they live with, or work with or share the planet with. It’s especially common in stepmoms, so if you ever feeling like you’re teetering on the edge of burnout, this episode is for you! I have something else for you – myContinue reading “ESP 8.2 Nurture Burnout with Anne Cullen”

ESP 8.1 The teenage stepdaughter with Mary T. Kelly

Mary Kelly is probably the most experienced therapist in America for stepfamilies and their kids with over 18 years of experience dealing with this family dynamic. She’s a regular contributor to Stepmom Magazine, HuffPost and other publications. Find her at Her Facebook page is Real Stepfamilies, Real Solutions and she’s on Instagram @realstepmoms. EmailContinue reading “ESP 8.1 The teenage stepdaughter with Mary T. Kelly”

ESP 7.8 How to Raise a Boy – with author Michael C. Reichert

Summary There’s a lot of talk about helping girls to take their power and shed limiting stereotypes, but our boys suffer from limits too. How can we stop our unconscious role-typing of boys and girls? Don’t we want boys to become compassionate, sensitive, heart-centered husbands and dads? Michael C Reichert can be found at MichaelCReichert.comContinue reading “ESP 7.8 How to Raise a Boy – with author Michael C. Reichert”

ESP 7.7 The Addicted Child – with author Richard Capriola

Summary Richard Capriola has been a mental health and addictions counselor for over two decades. He’s been licensed in Illinois and Texas and recently retired from Menninger Clinic in Houston where he worked as an addictions counselor for adolescents and adults diagnosed with psychiatric and substance abuse disorders. He is the author of the bookContinue reading “ESP 7.7 The Addicted Child – with author Richard Capriola”

ESP 7.6 Rich Bolus part 2 “Am I robbing them of these experiences?”

Summary Send your partner over to listen to some episodes of The Dad Mindset Podcast with Rich Bolus at TheDadMindset.comĀ  Book a call and let’s talk about whether coaching is the right kind of support for you – I have a free parenting guide for dads who need to make a stronger connection withContinue reading “ESP 7.6 Rich Bolus part 2 “Am I robbing them of these experiences?””