ESP 9.3 The Archives of Essential Stepmom Podcast


Sorry for my podcast fail this week, but join me reading Amanda Ripley’s High Conflict: Why We Get Trapped and How We Get Out. Here’s a link to order from Barnes and Noble:

If you’re ready to address your deepest stepmom anxieties, or get to work on overcoming that post-divorce “parenting paralysis” that seems to strike even the most professionally successful dad, give me a shout about working together 1:1. You can book a free call with me at

Here are the episodes I suggested from our archives:

9.1 Expectations vs Agreements

8.1 The Teenage stepdaughter with Mary Kelly

7.5, 7.6 Up-leveling as a dad with Rich Bolus of The Dad Mindset podcast

6.5, 6.6 Trystan Reese author of How We Do Family

5.5  Kate Anthony – first wife forever syndrome

4.4 Me: How do you bond with a kid who wants nothing to do with you

3.10 Me: Evil Stepmom archetype

3.6 Me: Unbrainwashing your alienated child

2.9 Me: Disengaging for Beginners

1.1 Me: Overstepping — Send in a voice message:


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