Cracking Open The Codes

As a stepmom, you’re probably frustrated if you can’t understand, control or bond with your partner’s kids. That’s because you’ve been spending a lot of time and energy trying to mess with things that belong to the core operating system of the human experience:








Did you really think you could just re-code little humans to function differently in your field?

Like, crack them open on the deepest level and just re-program them to flourish?

You’d be some kinda fairy godmother if you could do that!

I say: crack *yourself* open instead, and get to work on your own codes. Start with these:


Maternal Instinct.



Go on, you can do it!

Let me hear how it’s going.

#essentialstepmom #consciousnessevolution #lifecoaching

Stay tuned for my next course: Stepmom Codes: Upgrading To The New System. Email me for info and to register –

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