3.9 3 easy steps to conquering Guilty Parent Syndrome

Summary Is your partner struggling with guilty parent syndrome? Here’s help in 3 easy steps. Grab my free cheat sheet: 100% Dad In Half The Time Interested in hanging out on social with some other dads in the blended family dynamic? Send a join request to my Facebook community, One For The Dads . ItContinue reading “3.9 3 easy steps to conquering Guilty Parent Syndrome”

3.8 Why feeling bad might be the best thing that ever happened to you [and to your stepkids].

Summary Join my email community by sending an email to info@essentialstepmom.com with the subject line EMAIL! Here’s where you can find the podcast episode of “Unruffled” with Janet Lansbury: UNRUFFLED – listen here Follow Susan David here: SUSAN DAVID’S WEBSITE …plus,  her TEDTALK is linked here! Visit my website at essentialstepmom.com and email me atContinue reading “3.8 Why feeling bad might be the best thing that ever happened to you [and to your stepkids].”

ESP 3.7 Jessica Kuiken has help for your transition-day troubles.

Summary Jessica Kuiken is a nutritionist, NLP practitioner and a Diamond Leader with DoTerra, my personal favourite supplier of essential oils. You can find her at jessicakuiken.com and her Facebook group is called SpOIL the Soul. I’m looking for input to help me prepare my live webinar about Unbrainwashing the Alienated Child. Please reach out toContinue reading “ESP 3.7 Jessica Kuiken has help for your transition-day troubles.”

ESP 3.6: Un-Brainwashing Your Alienated Child

Summary This is a quick primer on a complex topic. I’m thinking about doing a full webinar about healing a brainwashed child – if you’re interested in hearing about that, or have anything to contribute to the discussion, please shoot me a message at info@essentialstepmom.com OR, just book a 20-minute phone chat, I’d love toContinue reading “ESP 3.6: Un-Brainwashing Your Alienated Child”

ESP 3.4: True Confessions: I’ve lost it on someone else’s kids – more than once.

Summary What can I say? This is embarrassing but it’s good for me to talk about it, and it’s good for you to hear it because maybe by laughing *at* me (even if I feel like you’re laughing *with* me), you can avoid repeating my mistakes! Join my Facebook community, which I police like aContinue reading “ESP 3.4: True Confessions: I’ve lost it on someone else’s kids – more than once.”

ESP 3.3 Five Fast Ways To Shake Off Negative Emotions

Summary Listen to Jack Kornfield’s beautiful guided meditation on Broken Record Podcast. There is lots of support available also on his website jackkornfield.com. You can learn more about my coaching process and how to discover and deliver your special gifts by contacting me at info@essentialstepmom.com or booking a free discovery call at tracypoizner.bookafy.com — SendContinue reading “ESP 3.3 Five Fast Ways To Shake Off Negative Emotions”

ESP 3.2 Join me for a little “self-care”!

Summary Come with me for a little walk. We’ll talk about getting what you need during these extra difficult days. Visit my website at http://www.essentialstepmom.com If you’d like to hear my webinar where I shared suggestions from homeopaths around the world for treating symptoms of this virus, just send me an email at info@essentialstepmom.com I”mContinue reading “ESP 3.2 Join me for a little “self-care”!”

ESP 3.1 Mothers In A Dangerous Time

Summary Season 3: The Season of Coronavirus! You thought being a stepmom was the hardest thing you’d ever done? LOL – welcome to the new hardest thing ever! I’ll share some advice about getting through this pandemic with your head on straight. Kim John Payne’s Simplicity Parenting website is simplicityparenting.com Learn more about Juice PlusContinue reading “ESP 3.1 Mothers In A Dangerous Time”