ESP 5.1 Dorcy Pruter on healing the damage from Parental Alienation


Dorcy Pruter is the founder and CEO of the Conscious Coparenting Institute. She runs a 4 day intensive workshop called High Road to Reunification that boast a stunning 100% success rate! Learn more about her work at:

Conscious Co-Parenting Institute Home

Dorcy has prepared a free e-book called “Stepping In: The Step-parents’ Guide For Parenting” which you can grab here:

Step Parents Guide

The Stepfamily Summit 2020 is a FREE online event taking place September 16-18. Register with this link and the Summit will support this podcast in turn! I hope you’ll tune in to hear my interview: “Brainwashed or Gaslighted: How to Get Through To Your Alienated Child”. Date and time to follow.

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